Matt settled in North Carolina in 2003 with twenty years of experience in ornamental fabrication and installation of miscellaneous metals. He has always been committed to using the highest quality domestic steel. He has combined his extensive experience with metals and his artistic abilities to create this unique piece of metal art for you to enjoy and treasure.

While using a variety of metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, bronze and copper, and an array of finishes to include grinding, graining and painting. One of our favorite finishes is the burnished appearance by using oxygen and acetylene torches. Also, there is a variety of attachment methods, namely, mechanical pressure fit, tig weld and epoxies.

Welcome to AlternativeRailing.com. We are one of the leading installers and providers of ornamental stainless steel railings in commercial construction in the southeast. Our superior metal fabrication and finishing skills allow us to also create beautiful interior and exterior furniture and artwork.

Based in Bear Creek in Chatham Co North Carolina, Alternative Railing Company is a recognized leader in quality ornamental metal work. In addition to our work on large commercial projects, we cater to homeowners seeking striking designs made from stainless steel, aluminum, glass, wood, and other high grade materials. We work directly with decorators and interior designers to fill their needs. We also assist artists who need someone to fabricate their designs into finished art. We are happy to work with anyone to provide unique and beautiful solutions for their needs.


We make a variety of railings for your home or office. See some examples of our work in the gallery below. Please contact us to discuss your needs. We will be glad to provide an estimate.


Please contact Matt if you want one of the items pictured below or if you would like something similar. We are glad to produce your furniture to meet your exact specifications.


Please look through the gallery below at some of the things we have created. All pieces are custom, made-to-order. If you are interested in placing an order, please contact Matt at (919)548-5666 or via email : matt@alternativerailing.com to discuss your needs.

Examples of what we have done. Special orders welcome.